Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kinley's 5th Birthday Cake

Now that my own little girl is 2, I'm starting to get back into the swing of baking. I had so much fun making this little chocolate cake for my friend's daughter Kinley. All she wanted was a little chocolate cake just for her. Ya know what Kinley, that sounds wonderful! I think for my birthday I may want a little cake all for myself too, how yummy does that sound?! ;) The 4 cupcakes in the background are for my kids (hubby included) who were hungrily eyeing the chocolate cake. By the end of frosting it they were begging for a taste. Good thing I had planned for their needs. haha! I just had to give them a taste of the yumminess. The cake and cupcakes have a chocolate cake base and are topped with whipped chocolate buttercream. I used raw cocoa powder which gives it such a rich, deep chocolate flavor. So yummy! I hope Kinley loves her little cake :) And Happiest Birthday to you! xoxo