Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebration cake

This cake is the biggest tiered cake I have ever made. It might look small in the pictures but this cake was well over 3 feet tall. It seemed fitting as it was for my husband. His favorite cookie is oreo and so I made an oreo cake recipe that has since become a favorite. The oreo cake has crushed oreos in it so with each bite you get a bite of oreo. The crushed oreos soften when cooking, absolutely delicious! The bottom layer of the cake was three separate layers filled with a vanilla buttercream and a chocolate buttercream. Each cake tier (except the third) was 3 layers and filled with both buttercreams. I wanted the third layer to be smaller to add somevariance. Each layer had a different design. The whole cake was covered in a high quality fondant and then air brushed with food coloring. Coming out of the top of the cake are shimmered fondant balls connected by wire. It was the heaviest cake I've ever made. And since it was for my husband, I made him carry it.


  1. That just looks amazing! I love Oreos and I's sure that cake was scrumptious!!

  2. Hi Becca this is samia.. i was just stumbled to your blog and the treats here look AMAZING.. can you please tell me some fondant recipe.. i am a novice and i want to bake a special cake for my daughters first bday.. i would be absolutely and truly grateful to you if youd help me out here.. :) thanks..


    P.S. i live too far to order one of your special treats.. so (sigh) a litle help plz.. thanks :)

  3. No problem- I actually buy my fondant. I focus on the cake flavors and decoration. But making every fondant batch from scratch is too time consuming. Especially when I'm using 20 pounds of fondant at a time. I like the consistency of Satin Ice and I use that one often. But if a customer requests it - I also use Fondx and Pettinice. Hope that helps :)