Friday, September 4, 2009

Treasure Chest Cake

My son wanted to have a pirate party for his 4th birthday. So I thought, hmm....should I make a pirate ship? No... I made a cardboard one outside for the kids to play in. Hmm... what would a pirate want... um... more gold! Of course, a pirate is always searching for more treasure. What better way to celebrate a pirate's birthday than to give him a whole treasure chest!? My amazing sister came down for the day and watched the kids so I could make this cake in one afternoon. I still owe her for that....among many other things. I used different tools from my kitchen to make the fondant have a wood grain texture. I surrounded the cake by crushed graham crackers (sand). Then I took milk chocolate and marbled it with white chocolate and shaped it into seashells which I scattered at the base of the cake. The chest was filled with edible pearls, chocolate gold coins and edible jems. Cost of cake ingredients: a lot, time and effort involved: a lot too, the look in that little pirate's eyes when the cake was presented to him.... priceless!

1 comment:

  1. I got paid for my babysitting services in pirate treasure! And I have to say, it was quite yummy. :-)