Friday, September 4, 2009

Where it all began

My passion with cake started as a little girl. When my sister and I were little girls we promised each other that we would make each other's wedding cakes. But my love for making cakes remained hidden until it was time for me to own up to my promise to my sister. She wanted an Italian creme wedding cake with a middle layer of milky way cupcakes. The top and bottom tier were covered in fondant and I piped vines on the sides of the cake (which matched their theme). She loved her cake, inside and out. And now, looking back, this is where my cake obsession started. A great place to start in my personal opinion.


  1. Georgeous! And what memories you created for your sister!!

  2. When we made that pact, I knew that my cake would end up being very special because you made it. I had no idea, however, that it would be SO beautiful down to the tiniest piping details. Just another way I lucked out as your sister. XOXO, Kelly