Saturday, September 5, 2009

Golf Cake

This cake was a last minute order. I literally had one day to get it done. The good thing was that my customer wanted a simple golf themed cake. Their only real specification was that it needed to be chocolate, so that's what I focused on! Inside is a deep chocolate cake with a light chocolate buttercream filling. It's a delicious combination. The fluffy light chocolate buttercream balances out the deeper chocolate flavors in the cake. This is my favorite buttercream! It's addicting. I also made a deeper coco flavored buttercream for the outside of the cake. I used Fondx to cover the top of the cake and shaped the golf ball and water hazard. I painted the "green" with a deep green food coloring. I love the little golf bag I molded with the fondx, and of course it's all edible. It's less than 2 inches tall and it's probably my favorite part of the cake!


  1. WOW, you are absolutely amazing and talented!! Love this! and that buttercreme does sound scrumptious! That is my FAVORITE icing!!!

  2. The bag was delicious! Love you! I'm so proud of you.